Seasonal Specialty Programs SK - 4
Seasonal programs are only offered in the season specified. They
Number of Students: Maximum 25 students per program
Volunteers: None required, but welcome
Duration: 1 hour to 1.5 hour*
Fee: $110.00or $140.00* ,  plus travel if applicable.
Click here for details.
Grade Level: Designed for SK - Grade 4
Other Details: Many of these programs may include crafts,
movement activities and natural artifacts.

* includes a literacy component

In The Fall:
Turkey Tales
This large gobbly bird is totally cool. We’ll have a clucking good time
discovering why!

Beneficial Bats
Bats are totally misunderstood creatures. They don't fly into your hair
nor do all drink your blood!

In The Winter
Love Stinks! For Skunks That Is
Skunks find love in the middle of
winter. Learn more about these
gentle unappreciated animals.

Gnawing Groundhogs
As one of our only true hibernators,
groundhogs are really special. but can they predict the weather?

In The Spring
Spring Flowers
Learn the lore and legends behind the beautiful blooming flowers of

Animal Babies!
Babies are everywhere! But what’s the difference between a cub and
a fledgling? How do they learn ?
Nature Visits With Gail
Life and Earth Science Programs