Kindergarten Programs
Kindergarten programs offer a variety of activities to best suit the
special needs of kindergarten students. Many of these programs
include activities such as dress-up, songs, movement and crafts.

Number of Students: Maximum 25 students per program
Duration: 1 hour or 1.5* hour
Fee: $110.00 or $140.00*, plus travel if applicable.

Other Details: Programs are lively, adventurous and loaded with
direct experience and motor activities.

* includes a literacy component. A great picture book story that
compliments the topic


Animal Ark - This is a class act!
Lions, Tigers, Bears, oh my! They
are all mammals. What about hawks,
turtles or frogs? Costumes, artifacts
and activities make animal grouping
easy to understand.

Beneficial Bee - Give Bees a Chance     NEW PROGRAM
Our lives depend on bees. Learn how and why bees help us. Not
all bees sting nor do all bees make honey. Find out the truth about
our bees.

Birds - What a "Tweet" time we have!
We dress up as a bird, we learn bird songs, we move like different
birds and we touch and explore lots of cool bird nests,
eggs, feathers.

Butterflies - Flit around with us!
From eggs to adults, butterflies are simply captivating. Dress like
different  butterflies, see how they feed, and experience
metamorphosis through guided imagery

Digging up Dinosaurs - This never gets old!
Dinosaurs have long fascinated children of all ages. Just how big
were they? What happened to them?  We will move like dinosaurs,
call like dinosaurs and hold bones and eggs of dinosaurs.

Impressive Insects - Sure to give a "Buzz"
What is an insect? Unmask the answer and other buggy facts
through investigation, visuals, activities and costumes. Learn the
"Insect Rap", and create a meadow chorus of insects.

Nocturnal Animals - A real eye opener!
When the sun sets, the world abounds with night loving creatures
great and small. Discover the fascinating ways they live as night

Surviving Winter - Totally cool!
How do different Ontario animals endure the severity of winter? Do
they migrate, hibernate or freeze? We dress up and act out the
survival techniques.

Water Power - Get Wet & Wild!
Water is the stuff of life and has some pretty amazing properties.
We will discover the magic of water as we conduct several
experiments. You are never to young to play with water.
Nature Visits With Gail
Life and Earth Science Programs
Nature Visits With Gail is not  responsible for any loss of property or damage to persons or
animals or property, s/he may cancel the program and no refund will be given. It is the
responsibility of the event organizers to ensure that guests participate in a responsible fashion.
Anytime live animals are part of a presentation, an element of risk is involved. Although
Sydney is my pet, he may occasionally pee, poop, scratch or bite. I do make every
reasonable effort to avoid these mishaps. Nature Visits With Gail is not responsible for any
injury, illness  or damage caused in whole or in part by its animals or staff. Event organizers
are responsible to inform guests of this risk involved and ensure that guests with allergies or
other animal related issues are informed. Please let our staff know of any concerns.