Current Promotions

Receive One FREE Program
Have you had Nature Visits in your
classroom before and really enjoyed your
presentation? If you have, then recommend us to your colleagues!
For every four (4) bookings we receive that mention they heard about
our programs from you, we will give you one free visit that you can
use in the 2013/2014 school year!

Offer valid until: All free visits must be used by the end of the
2014/2015 school year. Free visit extensions will not be given.

School Fun Fair Visits
Let us help you raise money for your school at your next school Fun
Fair. We’ll bring artifacts, touchables and of course funny loveable  
Sydney for your students and parents to enjoy! We do require an
indoor facility (so we don’t have to worry about the temperature and
weather outside). Please book well in advance. Minimal cost to book
is required. If we book additional programs your school will be given a
15% discount on a school program of your choice.

Offer valid through: 2014/2015 school year.
Seniors' Homes and Centres

Offer your residents a chance to "Take a Walk on the Wild Side,"
during a 12 month period we will arrange to present wildlife programs
on a regular basis. If you book now for the coming year, we will give
6 programs for the price of 5.

Your next 12 months could look like this:

January  - Winter Survival
March  -  Birds in Backyards
May  -  Spring Wildflowers
July  -  Butterflies
September  -  Story of the Wendat
November  -  Animals and Their Signs

Click here for more details on the
"Take a Walk on the Wild Side"
package including pricing and programs information.
Nature Visits With Gail
Life and Earth Science Programs