Seniors' Homes and Centres
Experience a variety of programs that meet the
desires and abilities of your residents. Each program
includes an array of teaching techniques and

Cost:  $140.00  and travel if applicable.
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Duration: 1.5 hr program
Programs Type 1
Slide/PowerPoint presentations with touchables and other visuals

Animals & Their Signs
Southern Ontario is home to hundreds of fascinating animals that we
seldom notice. They do, however, leave many tracks and signs when
they pass by.

Birds in Your Backyard
What are some of the more common birds that can be found in
Southern Ontario? Identification, behaviour and songs will be include
in this talk.

Butterflies have tantalized humans for thousands of years. Discover
what butterflies can be found in Southern Ontario.

Dragons and Damsels
Dragonflies are fast becoming on of the most popular insect groups to
study. They are colourful, fast and seem to take pleasure looking at

Spring Wildflowers and Lore
The life and lore of some of Southern Ontario's spring wildflowers.
Just how did Jack-in-the Pulpit get its name?

Programs Type 2
Mostly hands-on activities

Story of the Wendat
Travel through time and explore the daily activities of the Wendat
people before Colonization. Artifacts games and activities help bring
back this historic period.

Hooting Owls
Owls possess fascinating adaptations that make them fierce
predators. Activities and "owly" artifacts help us discover this
secretive and silent night bird.
Take a Walk on the Wild Side Package!
Offer your residents a chance to "Take a Walk on the Wild Side,"
during a 12 month period we will arrange to present wildlife programs
on a regular basis.
If you book now for the coming year, we will give you
Any 6 programs for the price of 5!
Save over $140.00!

Your next 12 months could look like this:

January  -  Winter Survival
March  -  Birds in Backyards
May  -  Spring Wildflowers
July  -  Butterflies
September  -  Story of the Wendat
November  -  Animals and Their Signs

How This Package Works:
Call or email our office to book all 6 dates and programs.* Pay for
your first 5 programs in advance
or on the days of our visits.
Your 6th program will be free of charge!**

*All programs must occur in a 12 month period.
**Regular travel fees apply to facilities outside of our free travel zone
Nature Visits With Gail is not  responsible for any loss of property or damage to persons or
property. If at any time, Nature Visits With Gail staff  feels that a group is a danger to
persons, animals or property, s/he may cancel the program and no refund will be given. It
is the responsibility of the event organizers to ensure that guests participate in a
responsible fashion. Anytime live animals are part of a presentation, an element of risk is
involved. Although Sydney is my pet,he may occasionally pee, poop, scratch or bite. I do
make every reasonable effort to avoid these mishaps. Nature Visits With Gail is not
responsible for any injury, illness  or damage caused in whole or in part by its animals or
staff. Event organizers are responsible to inform guests of this risk involved and ensure that
guests with allergies or other animal related issues are informed. Please let our staff know
of any concerns.
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