Nature Visits With Gail
Life and Earth Science Programs
Does Sydney, your bird, come with you on all your programs?
Sydney only accompanies me on programs that have to do with the needs and
characteristics of living things, such as Animal Ark, and Birds

Do I need to set up my room in any special way before the program?
Once you book your program, Nature Visits will email you conformation forms
which includes a detailed description of room set up requirements.

How much space do we need for Nature Visit programs?  
All programs can be conducted in a standard sized classroom, however if
possible it is beneficial to have a space large enough where all the students
can gather on the floor. Some programs do involve a lot of movement.

Do you have any programs for children with special needs?
All programs are designed to incorporate different learning styles. Please feel
free to talk to us before your program if your students require any special

When do I need to provide payment for my scheduled programs?
We require payment at the completion of the program.  Please inform Nature
Visits if you need an invoice prior to your scheduled program date to facilitate

Do you ever do programs for older students?
Gail has taught all age groups, and is willing to develop programs to meet your
curriculum needs.

Can the Nature Outdoors programs be done in any season?
Nature Visits can design outdoor programs to fit any season and tie in with
your curriculum.

How can I find out more specifics about what you teach in your
Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and we can go over what
curriculum needs you have as well as what I typically present. The best method
to contact me is via email, at