Nature Visits With Gail
Life and Earth Science Programs
Sydney was born August 15, 2010 in
Trail,British Columbia. After spending
5 months with his breeder, he was put
on a plane for a 12 hour trip across
the country to Toronto.I picked him up
at midnight at the airport. From the
moment I peeked into his travel cage I knew he was going to be a very
curious and happy little bird.

He passed his physical exam (Thank you Burloak Animal Clinic) with
flying colours and it was soon determined through blood tests that he
was a boy. Kind of felt that anyway.

Sydney loves to wrestle, chew up anything he can grab, fly to be with us
in what ever room we happen to be in, have a warm shower and to travel
to schools where he entertains and amazes the children and adults
alike. He is passionate about eating soy beans and will perform
many tricks if given safflower seeds as a reward.
Sydney is always learning new tricks and words such as waving hello,
giving high fours(only has four toes), turning around, shaking "hands",
stepping up and most recently he is learning to hum the national anthem!