Biography: Gail Howe Trenholm
Gail has been educating children and adults
about the wonders of the natural world for
over 30 years. Her knowledge, enthusiasm
and humour about a wide range of natural
history topics is unequaled.

Receiving her Bachelor of Science
degree from Acadia University in Nova
Scotia, Gail particularly loved studying
geology, paleontology, botany and
invertebrate zoology.

Her life changed when she become
employed by the Massachusetts Audubon
Society. As a Master Naturalist, Gail served
as a resource for other natural history,
conservation and education staff. She is also a trained facilitator in
several National Curricula such as Project Wet, Project Wild and Project
Learning Tree. She became a sought after instructor and speaker
throughout New England as an authority on Butterfly and Dragonfly
behaviour and gardening for butterflies. Every year she returns to
Massachusetts to teach an adult summer course on insects.

Gail is a former board member of the
Massachusetts Environmental
Education Society (MEES) and is an active member of the North
American Butterfly Association (NABA), Science Teachers Association
of Ontario (STAO) as well as the Toronto Entomological Association
(TEA) and the Oakville Horticultural Society

Gail is passionate about the need for increased and continual natural
history education in urban areas. Cities tend to isolate humans from the
natural world. There is a strong need to understand the complexities of
urban wildlife and how humans have a huge impact on this wildlife and
in fact on their own quality of life.
Gail's Must Have Book List

Favorite children's nature story:
Once There was a Tree,  Natalia Romanova  
Have used this story for over 30 years in my programs on trees. It
never tires or loses its impact.
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Favorite New Nature Guide:
Insects, Their Natural History and Diversity, Stephen A. Marshall
The must have book for anyone interested in Insects. Use this book as
a text book when I teach my insect workshop on Cape Cod in Mass.
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Favorite New Field Guide:
Tracks & sign of Insects, Charley Eiseman and Noah Charney
Picked this up this summer...Finally a book that answers so many of my
questions such as "What is THAT?"
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Nature Visits With Gail
Life and Earth Science Programs
Gail teaching about butterflies
in Petersham, MA